Why Install Security Doors When Fitting New Windows?

Many Australians have new windows fitted in their homes without ever thinking about replacing their doors. However, this can be a mistake because when you go through the time and trouble of installing new glazing, it is often the best time to also upgrade doors. This is just as true in commercial buildings as it is in residential ones. Therefore, although it is possible to choose new windows only, lots of people like to have new doors fitted, too. In some cases, security doors will be chosen over standard ones. Why is this a good approach to take when you have professional fitters around?

Coordinated Appearance

Security doors do not have to look like their one and only job is to keep intruders at bay. Of course, if you want something that looks impenetrable to keep would-be criminals disinterested in attempting to break in, then you can opt for something very functional. However, when fitting new windows, you should be able to find a security door that looks the same with the same style touches. Indeed, some secure doors come with toughened frosted glazing for an even more coordinated look. These doors look good and are just as secure as conventional doors designed to maximise security.

Tougher Entry Points

Security doors are harder to break down from the outside because they're manufactured from several layers of toughened material. Although battering them can cause superficial damage, they are very tough to force open. Not only is the door itself designed to take some damage, but so is the frame, which will be anchored into the wall for you with long steel rods for even more protection.

Fire Resistance

Due to the seal you get with most types of security doors nowadays, these products offer some level of protection against bushfires and the like. Some are even rated both as security and fire doors, something that is worth knowing if emergency responders are more than a few minutes away from your property and you might need this sort of safeguard from fires.

Lower Insurance Costs

Like many security measures that make business premises and homes less susceptible to break-ins, doors that can keep intruders at bay tend to be looked on favourably by insurance firms. If you have found that your premiums have gone up in recent years and you want to do something positive to stem the tide, then choosing new security doors when you have new windows fitted is a good idea.

For more information about security doors, reach out to a local supplier.