Reasons to Install Aluminium Glass Doors in Your Home

Installing glass doors at the back of a home can transform its ambience. An expansive garden view makes a house feel spacious and open. Plus, glass doors link the indoor and outdoor living spaces. Aluminium doors are often installed in these settings. Here are several reasons to make this upgrade.

Door Styles

While sliding glass doors that lead to a patio are common, you also have other possibilities. For instance, you could install bifold doors which open like a concertina. These styles are ideal if you have a wall of doors and want to totally open your house to outside. Another option is aluminium French doors. The metal door frames can be powder coated in various colours, including cream, bronze, and grey , so you can match them with the room and exterior facade.

Durable and Lightweight

Aluminium is a lightweight and durable material. Thus, even large glass doors are easy to open with the help of heavy-duty rollers at the bottom. Additionally, aluminium won't rot or warp as timber tends to. This metal naturally repels rust, making it ideal for harsh coastal environments as well.

Energy Efficiency

Expansive views of the garden allow the sunshine to brighten up your home and create a welcoming feel. However, sometimes the heat can become overwhelming in the summer, and you may have to crank up the air conditioning to compensate. You can mitigate the effects of heat transfer in several ways with aluminium doors.

For example, you could install a frame with a thermal break. These frames comprise aluminium on the inside and outside of the door, but another material is set inside the frame. This alternate material stops the heat from passing through the metal from the outside to the inside. Another approach to more energy efficient doors is to consider the glass they use. You could install low-e glass which reflects heat. Another possibility is toned glass that stops the warmth from freely passing through and prevents glare.


Aluminium doors are safe because they use toughened safety glass. This glass has been heated to extreme temperatures and then rapidly cooled in a tempering process that renders it much stronger than standard float window glass. Thus, it's rare for toughened glass to break. In any case, if it does, it crumbles into balls and not pointy shards that can cause injury to anyone nearby.

Contact a company that installs aluminium doors to learn more about your options.