Two tips for those who want to put security screens on their windows

If you want to make your home safer by putting security screens on the windows, this advice should be helpful.

Get custom security screens made if your windows have unusual dimensions

If the windows of your home were custom-made for the property or if they're just very old, then their dimensions might not be the same as the dimensions of the windows found on most modern buildings. As such, you will probably find that any off-the-shelf security screens you come across will not fit them.

If the dimensions of the ready-made screens you've looked at don't match your window's exact dimensions, you should not buy them. Instead, you should get custom security screens made. The reason for this is that a security screen will only prevent intruders from getting past it if it is an exact fit for the window onto which it is placed. If for example, you put a screen in front of a window that is a bit too short and, as a result of this, there is a gap at the top of it that provides access to the window behind it, then a burglar could pry the screen open or if the window is ajar, slide their hand down this opening in the screen and through the window, and then snatch any valuables that are on the windowsill. As such, you must get these screens custom made if you cannot find any ready-made ones that are a good fit for your window.

Prioritise the windows that have big openings

If due to your budget, you cannot buy all of the security screens you need in one fell swoop but need to buy them one by one, then you should prioritise the windows that have the largest openings. The reason for this is because breaking a window causes a lot of noise and is actually quite hard to do, most intruders who decide to use a window as an entryway will pick one that has a big opening that they can fit through after picking its lock, rather than trying to shatter another window that has a smaller opening.

As such, you should get security screens for the windows that have large openings; this should reduce the likelihood of any intruders getting into the property whilst you're saving up for the rest of the screens that you need for your other windows.

Speak with a professional near you for more information about security screens.