Understanding Plantation Shutters

Shutters are a great aesthetic and functional addition to your windows. If you need durable shutters that achieve great ventilation and allow you to control the amount of light getting into your living space, plantation shutters should be your choice. They also prevent rain from getting into your home and are strong enough to withstand strong winds.

What Are Plantation Shutters?

Plantation shutters got their name from shutters that were installed in large houses built on cotton plantations. Physically, they constitute wide louvres that are arranged horizontally, but at an angle, so that you can open and close them as you see fit. When fully closed, the louvres lie on each other.

Plantation Shutter Material Composition

Plantation shutter louvres are mostly made from timber or metal. You can, however, come across glass louvres. The choice on the material to use depends on the aesthetics of your space, your taste and preferences, environmental conditions and your functional needs (for example, privacy). Here are examples of factors considered:

  • Environmental conditions — You might find that if your locality experiences strong winds that carry debris, glass shutters might not be an option for you because they might break. You may require timber shutters because aluminium is not impact-resistant. 
  • Privacy — transparent glass plantation shutters might not be suitable for you if you are a private person. You can choose translucent ones or choose timber or metal shutters. 
  • Price — Timber is usually expensive; therefore, it is important to weigh your options against your budget. 
  • Maintenance — Maintenance involves things like cleaning and application of coatings to protect against damage from weather or attack from insects. You might find that timber has more maintenance when compared to other materials. However, if it is professionally pre-treated (to prevent insect attack) and coated (application of sealants and paint to protect it from water and harmful UV rays) during manufacture, it can last for a long time before requiring any major maintenance. You just need to wipe it clean regularly. 

It is recommended to let your plantation shutter contractor help you make the right choice.

Plantation Shutter Installation

You can either install plantation shutters on the exterior or interior side of your window. Even though you have this option, you might find that it is recommended to install the shutters on the interior side.

Plantation shutters were installed on the exterior side in earlier years, and this method may be viewed as a traditional method of installing plantation shutters, but they might not be aesthetically pleasing to the majority of houses.