Are UV window tints a worthwhile investment for your vehicle?

Window tint films have been used to enhance privacy and protect drivers for many years. Using the right type of film, you can control glare from the sun, prevent the shattering of windows and keep your glass in good condition for longer.

UV window tints are the new hot product in automotive window tinting. This special type of film is capable of filtering out harmful UV rays while protecting your vision, skin and other aspects of your health. However, a common question that many motorists ask is whether UV tints are a worthwhile investment.  

The risks of UV light

Many people already know that UV light can be harmful to the body. Such light may cause sunburn and even increase your risk of contracting skin cancer. UV rays expose your skin to intense light that has a small wavelength and high frequency. Such light is capable of penetrating the tiny pores in your skin and affecting underlying cells.

You may think that wearing sunglasses is enough to keep the UV rays away. However, your exposure to UV light may be quite high while driving. Inside a vehicle, you don't have much space to manoeuvre, and bare windows aren't capable of keeping out harmful rays from the sun. UV rays can also cause damage to your property, particularly any items that are made from delicate fabrics (including handbags, watch straps, backpacks and much more).

How UV films protect your vehicle

Because of the risks mentioned above, installing UV window tints on your vehicle should be an obvious choice. The small space inside a car increases exposure to UV light. Luckily, UV films come equipped with a special layer that can filter out harmful rays from the sun. Similar to how sunscreen or sunglasses provide a layer of protection, these UV films reduce or eliminate glare while providing more insulation.

The glare reduction feature is particularly useful for drivers. UV films typically contain a matte-like surface that disperses UV rays and protects your eyes from radiation. In this way, you can maintain better visibility through the windshield and side windows while on the road. UV tint films also protect children from glare and high temperatures. Because these films insulate your vehicle against the sun's heat, you can enjoy a more comfortable drive during hot days.     

UV window tints are easy to install

The beauty about UV tint films is that they're convenient to install. You can get customised sizes for your windows and enjoy both privacy and protection.