5 Ways That Leadlight Doors Can Benefit You and Your Home

The doorway to your home is one of the most important aspects of it. Not only does your doorway greet you and your family each day, but it also represents you and your home to the rest of the world. Leadlight doors add a touch of history to your home that few other styles can, since the craft of leadlighting goes back centuries.

If you are exploring the idea of installing a leadlight door as your front door, here are just some of the benefits that doing so will offer you and your home.

1. Attract Buyers to Your Home

According to a recent survey of thousands of recent homebuyers by Kiplinger, an economic think tank, the front door is key to making a great impression on potential buyers. And a leadlight door and the unique style it bestows is a great way to show your home off. But even if you don't want to sell, a leadlight door is a great investment.

2. Create a Warm Ambience at Night

Although unlike stained glass, which often depicts images of figures, the beautiful and colourful designs of leadlight doors can create a welcoming ambience at night. This is especially so when the bright colours and glass design blends with the lighting inside your home to create a warm glow. Just imagine coming home on a cold winter's night to the warm glow of a leadlight door!

3. Brighten Murky Entrances During the Day

If your home's entryway is murky, installing a leadlight door can help. Because leadlight often comes with coloured designs and sections, leadlight doors capture the sunlight and fill the space behind them with colourful rays. This can be a great effect for young children that are afraid of dark spaces.

4. Provide Privacy When You Go to the Door

Another great benefit of leadlight doors is that the glass is often frosted as well as coloured. This gives you some privacy when you go to answer the door during the day.

5. Allow You to Create a Custom Design

One of the greatest things about leadlight doors is that you can generally customize the style of your glasswork. If, for instance, you wanted a floral design, your leadlight door provider could create that for you and install it according to your specifications. This is great if your design holds a special place in your heart or you are trying to achieve a unique effect.

As you can see, leadlight doors come with many benefits to your home. If your front door is in need of repair or even replacement, consider installing a leadlight door instead.