Types of Blinds

There are many windows situated throughout homes, and these can be found in different living spaces, including the living room, kitchen and bedroom. Each space requires a different type of blind to help control the light coming through the window whilst at the same time providing privacy and insulation. There are many different types of blinds with different features, and choosing one can be a challenge.

Before going into various types of blinds, it is first important to distinguish between blinds and shades. Basically blinds consist of horizontal or vertical slats that can be open and closed using a pulley device attached to the blinds. Shades are a type of covering where they are made up of one or more sections of fabric.

Here are various type of blinds:

  1. Vertical Blinds- These are typically used to cover large glass doors as found in the patio or backyard area or even in some bedrooms and living rooms. They provide coverage extending from the floor up to the ceiling. They are great at blocking out sunlight completely or can be adjusted to control the amount of light seeping in. They are also more affordable than other types of blinds and are mostly made out of vinyl.
  2. Venetian Blinds- These are one of the most common blinds in homes and consist of horizontal slats usually made out of metal, plastic or wood. Pieces of fabric help to hold the blind structure in place and also allow the blind to be tilted to control the light coming in.
  3. Panel Blinds- These blinds consist of wide sections of fabric which are hung vertically. These are easier to clean than other type of blinds and may be cheaper than other types of blinds.

When selecting the right type of blinds, one needs to consider what type of features and benefits they need the blinds to offer. These include:

  1. Degree of light blockage- Whilst some blinds can allow complete blockage of light coming in, others still allow some light in even when fully closed. One needs to consider what type of light-blocking properties they need the blind to have.
  2. Insulation- Some blinds provide better insulation against heat or cold. These include those with thicker fabric or those made out of aluminium or wood. 
  3. Privacy- Some blinds offer more privacy than others.

One should take their time when considering various types of blinds to ensure they are getting the best type for their requirements. For more information, visit a shop near you that provides blinds