Keep Your Sliding Doors Secure

For those living in an urban setting, failing to properly secure a door is calling for trouble. The best way to make sure that your home is safe is by fitting your front and back door with the mechanisms that can deter criminals from entering your premises.

If you have installed steel front doors and locks, you can easily secure them with deadbolts. This is, however, not the case if you have sliding doors installed in your home. Learn a few ways to secure your sliding door on this guide.

Bar or Barricade comes Handy

This security option involves inserting a wooden bar at the bottom of the sliding door. This is meant to make sure that your door doesn't slide open even if a burglar defeats the latch. The type of bar you need to fit should be long enough to allow minimal opening.

If you don't want to keep bending down every time you open your sliding door, there are plenty of bar options you may want to consider such as a fold-down arm and Charlie bar. These bars are convenient for any homeowner because the length is adjustable. Once you adjust it to the required length you should lay it on the sliding door track. Your door will hardly slide open once this is done.

Secure your Glass

Installing barricades and bars on your sliding door may be a great way to keep people from opening or closing the door. However, have you ever thought about the need to secure the glass on your door? Many sliding doors feature reinforced double pane doors which are strong and secure. Breaking the glass makes them noisy, and this is an option many buglers tend to avoid because they can be heard by neighbours or homeowners.   

If changing the glass on your door to a stronger option is an expensive undertaking, you may want to consider buying secure window coverings.

Use an Alarm System

It is important to understand that no barrier or lock is foolproof. While you may take all the necessary steps to make sure that your door is secure, you should consider seeking the help of a security professional to help monitor your home's security system.

Investing in glass break sensors is a perfect option for anyone looking to secure their home from burglars. Few intruders may want to take the risk of opening a highly secure and alarm fitted door.

Contact a sliding door supplier to learn more.