Home Improvement: How to Plan for Skylight Installations

If you are interested in installing a skylight in your home, you should plan for the project extensively for ideal results. In general, a skylight will increase natural illumination in your dreary, dark rooms. You can also use these features to improve the flow of air into your space. In addition, the skylight will enhance the overall design and style of your room and open up the area a little more. However, if you do not prepare for the work, the performance of the feature will be limited. Here are simple tips to help you plan for skylight installation.

Check the Regulations

It is important to understand the applicable regulations before commencing a skylight installation project. Building regulations are designed to promote safety in construction and general home renovations. If you do not follow the established rules, the installed skylight might not meet the required standard.

This could compromise the safety in your home, and it could attract some legal complications in the future. Therefore, when preparing for your project, you should check on the local council requirements and plan for compliance. For instance, a permit might be required, and certain standards must be met. If you are uncertain about the outlined rules, consult your contractor.

Consider the Designs

You should compare the different skylight designs and choose the most appropriate one for your home. In general, the common skylights can be classified as flat and domed. As implied, the flat design consists of a flat pane which is favourable because it integrates smoothly with the roof. This is the standard choice since it does not change the overall appearance of the building.

The only drawback is the accumulation of debris. If your house is close to a tree and the slant of your roof is not enough, leaves and twigs might accumulate on the skylight, compromising its performance. The alternative to this design is the domed shape. This feature is raised and rounded which allows debris to slide off. It is a great choice for flat roofs and houses which tend to have dirt build-up.

Plan for a Survey

If you are conducting a lot of renovation work, you should plan for an assessment of your house before beginning. This is essential if the installation of the skylight will affect some structural components in your house like your load-bearing walls. A survey will help in determining the right approach for handling the placement of the feature and identifying potential problems. Also, check on the condition of the roof before the renovation. 

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