Why Choose an Aluminium Sliding Patio Door?

When old patio doors go wrong, they can sometimes be repaired. However, the fact of the matter is that they will often develop similar faults down the line. Either the rollers will start to jam up regularly, or, more likely, the frame will begin to bow out so you cannot slide your door fully open any longer. In such circumstances, it is often more cost-effective to find a patio sliding door replacement service than to attempt a short-term repair. However, it is sometimes better to upgrade your patio door rather than go for a like-for-like replacement. If so, then an aluminium sliding door replacement makes a lot of sense. Why is this metal superior to other framing options?

A High Strength-to-Weight Ratio

To begin with, aluminium is a very lightweight material for framing a patio door, especially when you consider how much tensile strength it has to offer. This is why the material is so often used in the aerospace industry, after all. When it comes to this high level of strength in a sliding door replacement, you get the benefit of being able to have lower-profile frames than you would with uPVC frames, for example. You need less of the material to make a sufficiently strong frame, so more of the patio door can be made from glass. Consequently, this allows for better views outside and more sunlight to flow in.

Easier to Move

There is another advantage of a sliding door replacement being made of aluminium. This is because it is lighter than materials such as wood. As a result, your door will be easier to open and close than ever before. Lighter materials obviously need less effort to shift from side to side. Combined with a new set of rollers, your newly installed patio door should be effortless to push back and forth.

Improved Security

When you purchase a sliding door replacement for your home, security should be a consideration, even if there are very few break-ins in your area. Aluminium provides exceptional levels of security because it is much harder to force open than other framing materials. In turn, this will afford you with a great deal of peace of mind when you have locked your patio door at the end of the day. What's more, the additional security offered by aluminium frames with superior locks can mean that your insurance premiums are lowered. Talk to your insurer to find out if fitting an aluminium patio door will benefit you in this way.