Have you thought about the advantages of sliding doors?

When you are modifying your home in some way then it is common to look for ways to save space especially if your property is compact. In many homes, one of the largest wastes of space is caused by doors. Doors are essential for both climate control and privacy yet they often consume valuable space. Every swing door that is fitted needs a space into which it can open and that space must be permanently kept clear of all obstructions and can't be used for anything else.

Is there an alternative?

If you want to retain internal doors in your home but want to save the space that your swing doors consume then why not opt for sliding doors instead? Sliding doors allow you all of the privacy you need without consuming any additional space in the home. To fit sliding doors in your home you will need to purchase not just the door itself but also all of the accompanying sliding door hardware.

Where could you use sliding doors?

While there is no restriction to where you can use sliding doors inside the home they are most commonly used in hallways, although they are frequently also employed in both wardrobes and showers as well. Exterior sliding doors are a common feature across Australia since they can include a large glass panel offering uninterrupted views of backyards and gardens.

How do sliding doors work?

While most doors work by allowing the door to open outwards into the room a sliding door opens by allowing the door to slide along parallel to the wall on a set of horizontal rails. The weight of the door is generally suspended by rollers which are fitted to the top of the door. Another piece of sliding door hardware is often a guide rail along the bottom of the door to ensure that it doesn't swing outwards while it is being moved by the top rollers. Finally, many sliding doors will feature a stopper block at the end of the door movement area to prevent the door from being moved too far and come away from the track.

Fitting sliding doors

If you want to know more about what is involved in fitting sliding doors in your home then talk to your local supplier of sliding door hardware. They will be able to provide you with everything you need to start using sliding doors in your home.