The Benefits of Double Glazed Windows

The typical life in Australia involves cold winters, hot summers, and extreme energy bills. The cost of air conditioning is unbearable hence the need for an alternative way to control extreme heat and cold. Experts have found double glazing to be an energy-efficient and affordable solution for windows in households. Here are some of the benefits you get by installing these windows.

Energy Efficiency

Double glazed windows offer thermal insulation by sealing air between the glass panes. In summer, the double glazed glasses lock in cool air coming from your air conditioner, leaving excess heat outside. In winter, the glazed screen traps heat in your home. This means less reliance on your heater and cooler. This translates to huge savings on energy. Studies show that Australians pay the highest energy prices worldwide. One way for consumers to offset energy costs is by installing double glazed windows.

Easy Maintenance

Double glazing is easy to clean and maintain. Make sure you clean the windows regularly to avoid the accumulation of dust which can lead to discolouration. Clean off the condensation to prevent rotting on the window frames. Also, do not use abrasive cleaning methods. These maintenance tips will ensure your double glazed windows last long.

Prevents Mould and Preserves Furniture

Mould resides in warm and moist places. Sydney is known for her humid weather. Dangerous mould can infect your lungs and trigger asthma attacks in serious cases. Installing double glazing helps reduce condensation hence preventing mould. Additionally, when furniture is exposed to excess heat, it wears out and gets damaged easily. Your furnishings are best protected with double glazed windows because there is less heat impacting your interiors.


Double glazing is more secure than single-pane windows. It is harder to break through two sheets of glass than it is to break through one. For additional security, you can specify laminated or toughened glass. Overall, if you worry about the security of your family, installing double glazed windows will resolve your concerns.

Summing It Up

While double glazed windows are considered more expensive than single glazing, the additional cost is worth your while. Double glazing comes with benefits such as minimising heat loss during winter and heat gain during summer. It also improves acoustic performance. At the end of the day, you will find double glazed windows cheaper than single glazing when you consider all the features that the latter does not have. If you are looking to replace the windows in your household, call a professional service to help you choose the most suitable double glazing for your home.